Jim Cook

Here's one I'm particularly proud of ... 49 years I've been this Woman's ManChild ... bless her heart


The best Dawgone buddy a boy can have ... my rescue dog MOLLY (Rhodesian Ridgeback - Vizsla Mix) There are NO Lions in my back yard!

Dr. Patti Webb
Taking my Dentist for a ride

Triumph Bonneville T100 110th Anniversary Special Limited Edition ... This bike is placarded number 344.
It was originally purchased by Jimmy Opp, a special friend of mine; when Jimmy passed I bought it in memory of him.

Dead BMW RT1200R
poor poor pitiful bike
One picture ... 1000 words
In Savannah, Ga.
At Woody Woodcock's
Herrin Knob NC

AND now, the 2015 BMW motorcycle is my new bike ... NO, I did not sell the Bonneville.
I bought the BMW in anticipation of planned trips first to the Blue Ridge Mountains and then later to Alaska...

SADLY ... I did take my trip to North Carolina ... on highway 1505 outside Andrews, NC is a diminishing radius curve.
Thats where I left the road and deposited my precious RT1200R in a ditch filled with granite rocks.
It's only money and I got yet another new one (2016). That's it in the last pic ... my trip to Savannah, Ga.

Jack - Jim - Pat

October 7, 2012 ... Less than one month before his 91st birthday, 
my Dad hooked these fish and passed the rod to my Sister Pat Ridaught Walker
who landed both critters with no aid from either Pop or myself!  
In defense of myself,  I did hook one MUCH larger than either of these ... only to have him pull the hook beside the boat.
A 91 year old man who still goes fishing ... A 72 year old son telling fish stores ... A sister who out-fishes them both ... Life is Good!

33" Red Drum
Black Drum
Another Black Drum
A very good day
27" Legal Red Drum
Shell Mound
27" Sea Trout
ALMOST like mine
Where's the anchor?
Mississippi Dear

From the 80's

Below, pictures of more recent times.

Dave and Dave
Just Add Water
Doctor Wood
Doctor Dave
Daveīs AirBoat
Tommy Chairs
Red Drum
My Keywest Boat

Steve Cook
Black Drum

My Cousin Steve Cook - the REAL fisherman in our family!

Dave and his fish
My bad shirt day
Brian and the winner!

Dave Eckel, Randy McCelland, Brian Gallie, Shane and myself took an offshore trip out of Port Orange, Florida.
We were fishing on a reef that produced only very large Amber Jack.

The airplane in the background,  N38300, is a Piper Warrior PA28-161.
I flew this airplane many happy hours with my good friend - Bill Park.
Gone, but not forgotten.

Learning N38300 Cedar Key Airport Airborne Warrior Panel Tallahassee

1971 1986 2005

The years change 'stuff',  huh?

In my life,  I have been privileged to count a number of remarkable people as friends.
Pictured here,  with the Alaskan Tundra and Ecuadorian Jungle as a background,  is Dr. Robert Ardell Wallace;  
Explorers Club Member,  Research Scientist and Author of numerous books in the field of Biology.
Bob,  who called me brother,  stands with Dave Eckel,  Bill Park and my biological brother,  Ron Cook,
as an integral part of the most influential people I have known.
On the day of his funeral,  I said I would miss Bobīs wit and intelligence every day of the rest of my life.
Nothing has changed!

Bob Wallace 9K River Run Bob and Friends Gone Exploring...

My friend, Joe Bender from Steamboat Springs, CO.

My Jimmy Opp Eulogy
Jimmy Opp 2006
Jimmy Opp 1971

Jimmy Opp (05/30/1944 ::: 09/22/2013) motorcycle buddy and FRIEND

Treasures? Jim and Gail John and Candy Kelly and Shanie

October, 2005.  My 65th birthday.

Bill and Loretta Sidney/Bill/Gail Cyndee/Jim/Gail FUN! Cyndee Park

December, 2006.  Watching the Gators WIN the SEC Championship in Atlanta.

1st Marathon 1986 Marathon 2002-2006

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